Advanced Surgeons and Physicians Network (ASPN)

The Advanced Surgeons and Physicians Network, a multi-specialty physicians group, is a nonprofit 501(a) organization that was established by Advanced Diagnostics Healthcare System to provide physicians and surgeons with the administrative and management tools needed to maintain their independence and maximize the profitability of their practice. Providers who choose to join the ASPN have complete freedom to use as much or as little of our administrative, back-office services as they want. The sole purpose of the ASPN is to lighten the administrative burden of independent healthcare professionals so that they can focus on practicing the best medicine instead of managing a practice.

By taking advantage of the ASPN, you can enjoy the flexibility of choosing a complete medical practice management solution or selecting a la carte services to fit your practice needs. You can choose to work as many or as few hours as you need. And you benefit from access to the state-of-the-art technologies, the modern hospital and clinic facilities, the physician-led approach and the independent philosophy that sets Advanced Diagnostics apart. We are neither a teaching nor a research hospital system. We are the healthcare system that positions physicians and surgeons at the helm of patient care.

To learn more about becoming part of the Advanced Surgeons and Physicians Network (ASPN), call 713-795-4884.

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