Coordinated Care

Patient-Centric, Coordinated Care

In the Advanced Diagnostics Healthcare System, patients are at the center of care. Not all hospital systems can say that, especially very large ones. In addition to offering patients personalized, attentive health care, one of the benefits of our patient-centric model is our centralized healthcare services. Receiving comprehensive care in a single location means that you can see your primary care physician, visit a diagnostic imaging center and see a specialist in one trip.

Collaborative, Personalized Healthcare

When you’re an Advanced Diagnostics patient, your physicians, surgeons and other clinicians collaborate and synchronize their services to make visits efficient and convenient. In addition, with our integrated healthcare services, your providers stay in communication at all stages of your care to ensure that your treatment plan is truly the result of their collaborative expertise.

Proprietary Patient Portal

To facilitate the communication of healthcare professionals and the awareness of patients, Advanced Diagnostics has developed a proprietary Patient Care Management (PCM) physician portal that allows your healthcare providers to stay in touch with each other and keep up to date with your treatment plan in real time.