Outpatient Recovery & Rehabilitation

What’s Next After Subacute Trauma Care?

The goal of the Subacute Trauma Program at Advanced Diagnostics Healthcare System is to ensure that every patient achieves their Maximum Medical Improvement. This means that once a patient is discharged from the Subacute Trauma Program, they often can get back to their daily life having achieved the best health possible following their traumatic event. 

Following Up

Sometimes, patients return to the physician who referred them to the Subacute Trauma Program for follow-up care. In other cases, patients continue with an ongoing rehabilitation plan provided by Advanced Diagnostics.

For out-of-town patients who need continued outpatient rehabilitation, we can coordinate with the healthcare professionals in the rehabilitation center they choose.

To learn more about Advanced Diagnostics Subacute Trauma Program, call 713-848-4702.

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