Our Subacute Trauma Specialty: Proprietary and Proven

The Subacute Trauma Program at Advanced Diagnostics Healthcare System is the only one of its kind in the Southwest region. Our unique approach — allowing an accident and injury patient to receive specialized care in a single location, coordinating and streamlining the treatment plan and continually assessing the patient’s progress — helps our patients reach their Maximum Medical Improvement more efficiently and in minimal time.

A Better Path to Recovery

Advanced Diagnostics diagnoses and treats the injuries that linger after a traumatic event through our one-of-a-kind Subacute Trauma Program, which brings a multidisciplinary team of specialists together to address all the patient’s injuries in one location.

For patients with traumatic or occupational injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, emergency care is lifesaving. But that’s just the beginning of their recovery. The Advanced Diagnostics Subacute Trauma Program was created for these patients. We diagnose and treat the injuries that linger after the traumatic event — the subacute injuries — through a unique program that brings a multidisciplinary team of specialists together to address all the patient’s injuries in one location. Learn More

In the Advanced Diagnostics Subacute Trauma Program, every patient’s recovery begins with a professional Physician Coordinator and case manager who engineers and oversees their personalized treatment plan. Led by the Coordinator, our multispecialty care team collaborates to deliver a highly efficient treatment plan using state-of-the-art diagnostic technologies and treatment methods. The team continues to monitor the patient’s progress every step of the way. To make the process easier, instead of requiring the patient to travel to multiple locations, we bring the care team to the patient. Learn More

With Advanced Diagnostics’ coordinated approach to care, our patients benefit from the collaboration of highly skilled specialists, an efficient treatment strategy and our convenient, patient-centric delivery of care. As a result, patients can achieve their best recovery outcomes, or Maximum Medical Improvement, sooner. Learn More

Our Subacute Trauma Program takes an advanced approach to the diagnosis and treatment of patients with subacute injuries – or those that remain after a patient has been treated and released from the trauma center. Our elite team of multidiscipline specialists offer areas of expertise that are complex yet critical to the care of subacute trauma patients and all share the same goal to help patients reach their Maximum Medical Improvement™ quickly and efficiently. Learn More